What is South Flavas Entertainment committed to?

South Flavas Entertainment, LLC is committed to improving your qualify of life through the events we organize, manage and

What is South Flavas' Business?

South Flavas organizes original events like the White Linen Soriee, the Mahogany Affair, the Urban Talent Showcase and
Neo-Soul Lounge.  Each event is designed to bring something different and entertaining while enriching the lives of our
attendees.  We do not take your entertainment dollars for granted.  

We can assist you with event management. With almost 10 years of experience successfully planning and running events.  
Additionally, we have a certified meeting and events planner on staff.  Let us use our experience and knowledge to ensure
the success of your event.  

South Flavas Entertainment has access to a variety of talent locally and nationally.  We have arranged talent for the
University of Texas, University of Houston, Texas State, HT University and NFBPA to name a few.  We will help you or your
organization find the right talent for your upcoming event.  
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